How Everything Is Not Always OK But That’s OK Because You’re OK.

Mature adults with jobs and families and property are paying to be treated like babies; to regress and forget that there ever was such a thing as a mortgage, or an annual assessment, or a shopping list.  They are paying good money for the temporary luxury of being able to reduce themselves to their most simple, basic, carnal selves.  When I first heard of this Adult-Baby phenomenon, I admit I was freaked out.  I thought it was a cover for those who gained sexual pleasure from such activities.  And perhaps that may be true for some people, but this morning, after a rather difficult two days that stretched my head in various places, I am starting to wonder if maybe there is something to it after all.

Let’s face it; we all do things to push away the problems of everyday life. You go out, get shitfaced, act completely inappropriately, and savour the hangover the next day because you’re only capable of thinking about that or trying to remember how many strangers you kissed the night before. That’s about a whole day of not accepting that you are an adult with responsibilities, and it feels pretty damn good. Or, fuck it, why not get a parachute, take a trip in a aircraft, and jump out at a freakishly scary height, just to feel for a few minutes what it is like to have absolutely no ties to the world? I can’t see another reason to put yourself in dangerous, adrenaline pumping positions. We all want to forget, from time to time, that we have lives to lead.

Everyone needs that hour, day, even moment, to forget that they are carrying their own personal world on their shoulder.  A world that is crushingly heavy, unrelenting, and absolutely YOURS.  If you don’t deal with it, no other fucker will.  That’s not to say that you don’t deserve a break from time to time.  Just shove that world over there in the corner for five minutes and have a cup of tea.  Or go swim with sharks, but whatever you do, you always have to pick it back up again, and carry on living.  Trust me, I have left my world in the corner where I put it down for way longer than I should have.  As painful as your world may seem, as pressuring and incessant, leaving it completely alone in the corner and ignoring it is no solution.  When you’re finally ready to pick it up again, it’s so much harder, so much heavier.


Take those five minutes, that day, that week away, to revive yourself in the best way you know how.  My preferred method is white wine in a glass that holds an entire bottle (classy and trashy).  Even go and pretend to be a baby for an hour, if that’s what makes you feel like “Yes, now I can deal with my tax returns”.  Just don’t forget to pick your world up and put it back on your shoulders.  It may be a pile of crap sometimes, but it’s your pile of crap, and you’re the best person qualified to make your pile of crap into a pile of goodness.  Now, I am going to go apply for yet another job, and clean my flat.


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